Sen. Vinehout: Statement on Budget


(MADISON)  State Senator Kathleen Vinehout (D-Alma) released the following statement regarding State Senate action on the 2017-19 State Budget bill:


“In one week, Majority Party members in the Senate made $79 billion worth of decisions for the Foxconn deal and state budget. But our transportation funding crisis, education funding inequalities, rural broadband, health care needs, and desperate local governments remain unaddressed and disregarded. Sadly, it feels like we just robbed Peter to pay Judas.”


“There was no attempt to shore up our finances in this budget for the $3 billion approved for Foxconn. It begs the question; what cuts are in store for schools, health care and property tax increases in future budgets?”


“Majority Party members have been tripping over each other for months to pass a budget. I cannot vote for this budget that fails to fix our broken school funding formula and doesn’t come close to acknowledging the seriousness of our transportation debt crisis.”