Statement from Senator Hansen on Passage of Senate Bill 76: Another Corporate Giveaway

“Once again when faced with decision on whether to side with the majority of Wisconsin residents or corporate special interests, Republicans today got it wrong.


“If last fall’s election told us anything it’s that Wisconsin residents on both sides of the aisle are tired of a system in in this state that has one set of rules for corporations and the wealthy and another for the rest of us.


“This time, Republican chose to sell out our proud tradition of environmental protection by giving powerful corporations and corporate farms unfettered access to our groundwater by allowing high capacity wells to be permitted permanently.  It is a decision that will lead to long-lasting harm to our lakes, rivers and streams and to our economy as hunters, fishers and vacationers choose to spend their time and money in other places that place a greater importance on protecting their precious natural resources.


“The Republican legacy continues to be one of giving unfair preference to the well-heeled at the expense of average Wisconsinites and of denying average families and small business owners a level playing field that truly affords them the opportunity to succeed and enjoy a high quality of life.”