Gov. Walker’s economic depression

Families losing hope as Wisconsin suffers through another dismal jobs report


MADISON, WI – No matter how you measure it, Wisconsin families are feeling the pinch from an economic slump that has seen mass layoffs, stagnant wages and a shrinking middle class. The national ‘Gold Standard’ jobs report released this week shows Wisconsin ranked 30th nationally in 12-month private sector job creation through the first quarter of 2017. This marks the 23rd consecutive quarter Wisconsin has trailed the nation in job creation and represents one of the longest periods of economic stagnation in Wisconsin history.


“A majority of voters disapprove of the way Gov. Walker is handling his job and don’t think our economy will get better over the next year,” said Sen. Shilling. “Too many families are struggling with student loan debt, child care costs and health care access. Wages have been stagnant and people are wondering when things are going to get better. Republicans aren’t working to fix the problems facing our state and families are running out of hope.”


After years of Republican policies that have favored the wealthy at the expense of working families, Wisconsin’s economy continues to fall further behind the rest of the nation. Had Wisconsin kept pace with the national economic recovery since Gov. Walker took office, the state would have gained nearly 100,000 more jobs. Instead, Wisconsin has trailed the nation every single quarter since Gov. Walker created his Economic Development Corporation and enacted historic cuts to local schools.


“These results are as shocking as they are unacceptable,” added Shilling. “Too many good-paying jobs are leaving our state as Republicans continue to cut funding from local schools, increase health care costs and ignore our crumbling infrastructure. It’s time we start investing in Democratic solutions to ensure safe roads, lower student loan debt, strengthen our schools and rebuild our middle class.”


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