Senator Jon Erpenbach response to Governor Walker’s State of the State

“Wisconsin is not better off than we were six years ago. Our roads and bridges are unsafe.  The transportation budget has a $1 billion dollar deficit. Governor Walker’s Wisconsin has trailed the national average in 12 month job creation for the 20th consecutive quarter. That is every quarter since Republicans and Governor Walker took control.   Governor Walker pledged 250,000 new jobs in his first term.  He's been in office for 6 years and is still 90,000 new jobs short of that promise.  ACT scores have dropped because of a billion dollar cut in K-12 public school funding. And UW Madison is no longer in our nation’s top five research institutions because of budget cuts – for the first time since 1972. These are just a few examples. No Governor Walker, Wisconsin is not better off than we were six years ago.”