Convention of States Pushed Through by Koch Brothers Senate GOP

MADISON – The following is a statement from Senator Chris Larson regarding the GOP vote calling for an Article V convention, at the behest of billionaire special interests. 


“With the passage of Assembly Joint Resolutions 20 and 21, the Wisconsin GOP is gleefully doing the bidding of ALEC, the Koch brothers, and their billionaire buddies bent on breaking our country. The legislation taken up today is almost identical to the pre-packaged bills on ALEC’s website that is being pushed through legislatures across the nation.


“By pushing for a Constitutional Amendment that eliminates federal budget flexibility, Republicans are putting unnecessary and unwarranted restrictions on our ability to spend money, which will jeopardize how we can respond to times of emergency and our ability invest in our future.

“To be clear, Senate Republicans today presented a false choice. They control all levels of our national government and could eliminate budget flexibility and go to ‘pay-as-you-go.’ Federal borrowing in times of need is crucial to our national strength. The majority of our neighbors are not rich; they must borrow money to access to the American Dream – to purchase a home, pay for tuition, or buy a car. In order to ensure the safety and prosperity of all American families, our federal government needs the same flexibility.”