Funding Cuts to County Veterans Service Offices Jeopardize Veterans Health

Brown County CVSO among offices denied funding


(Madison)—In response to recent news that a survey of County Veterans Service Offices found nearly half of all CVSOs funding requests were denied by the Department of Veterans Affairs,State Senator Dave Hansen (D-Green Bay) called on Governor Walker to restore the grants as soon as possible.


“If they can afford to give away over $2 billion in tax breaks to their wealthy and corporate friends they should be able to fully fund our County Veterans Service Offices,” said Hansen.  “Taking money that was meant to help veterans receive the support and services they need when we have so many veterans suffering and so many are homeless shows a shocking lack of respect for those who put their lives on the line in service to our country.”


After a failed attempt by Republican lawmakers to close local veterans services offices and limit access to veteran services and benefits, GOP lawmakers instead called on the Department of Veterans Affairs to limit grants and funding for county offices and staff making it more difficult for veterans to get the services they’ve earned and need.


“The continuing budget crisis we are experiencing is the result of bad fiscal management on the part of the Governor and Republican lawmakers.  They should not be compounding those mistakes by trying to balance their budget on the backs of veterans and their families.  Restoring these grants will not break the bank but they will make a positive difference in the lives of our veterans.”


In addition to cutting funding for local veterans services, Governor Walker and legislative Republicans have cut public schools by $1.05 billion, Wisconsin Technical Colleges by $203 million and our UW campuses by over $795 million.  They are also proposing to turn over control of services for seniors and the elderly to a for profit insurance company.