Senator Lassa: Help Wisconsin Families Get Ahead

Weekly Democratic Radio Address: May 15, 2014

MADISON -- Today, Senator Julie Lassa (D–Stevens Point) offered the following Democratic Weekly Radio Address on honoring mothers by supporting equal pay for equal work. The audio file can be found here. A written transcript of the address is as follows:

“Hi, I’m State Senator Julie Lassa. As I listened to the Governor’s state of the state address this week, I was glad to hear that he will continue to make workforce development a priority.  As a member of the Council on Workforce Investment, I know how important a well-trained workforce will be to Wisconsin’s future prosperity.  However, job training alone won’t solve our economic woes.   For too many Wisconsin families, the Governor’s policies aren’t working. The people of Wisconsin are working harder than ever, only to see their wages stagnate and their families falling farther behind. The burden of rising student loan debt, the outsourcing of American jobs, and the ever-increasing costs of health insurance and child care are making it difficult for families to get ahead.

“Wisconsin needs to focus on pro-growth policies that will improve our economy and allow Wisconsin families to pursue their dreams.  We need to strengthen our public schools and make sure our young people have the education they need to succeed.  We need to build the kind of economy that will provide rising wages and more economic opportunity for everyone.  And instead of getting into partisan battles about proposals that won’t improve people’s lives, we need to we need to work together and find commonsense solutions to overcome the challenges we face. Those are the kinds of policies Democrats will be introducing and supporting in the upcoming Legislative session.”

The audio file can be found here.