Statement on decision of the Supreme Court of the Unites States on the legality of tax credits to low income households enrolled in the Affordable Care Act.

 “The decision of the US Supreme Court is uplifting and reinforces the balance of powers created by our founding fathers in the United State Constitution. Thousands of families in Wisconsin will not lose the tax credits that help them afford their health insurance coverage. We can rest easy that even though Governor Walker and the Republican Legislature has set up roadblocks for Wisconsin families desperate for health insurance coverage, the law of the land has prevailed.  Once again I renew my call to Governor Walker to accept the Affordable Care Act as it was intended to be implemented and bring Wisconsin taxpayer dollars back to Wisconsin so more low-income families can participate in BadgerCare.  There are a lot of things Wisconsin can do with 360 million dollars, including re-investing in our public schools and our world-class university system.  Governor Walker should focus on that instead of his relentless pursuit of higher office.”