Democrats: Stop Republican Efforts to Eliminate Transparency

& Flood Campaigns with Secret Money

GREEN BAY –Today, Senator Dave Hansen and Representatives Eric Genrich, Gordon Hintz, and Amanda Stuck held a press conference to discuss secretly drafted, fast-tracked legislation that is expected to pass the Assembly this week.  This political power grab is being rammed through in a matter of days and benefits no one but politicians and big moneyed special interests.

The three bills will:

  •          Exempt politicians from John Doe corruption investigations.
  •          Cripple Wisconsin’s campaign finance laws and essentially allow unlimited dark money in Wisconsin elections, opening the door to more corruption, and increasing the amount of political junk mail, commercials, and robocalls flooding Wisconsin households.
  •          Dismantle the state’s ethics watchdog, the Government Accountability Board and replace it with political appointees. 


Sen. Dave Hansen (D-Green Bay):

“These bills are the final nails in the coffin of Wisconsin’s tradition for clean government.  The corporations, millionaires and billionaires who are buying our presidential and congressional elections will now be able to do the same here in Wisconsin.  Instead of focusing on creating much-needed good paying jobs, Governor Walker and the Republicans are opening the door to more corruption and pay-to-play politics.”


Rep. Eric Genrich (D-Green Bay):

“If you are a special interest, a corporate interest, or a billionaire, this week is shaping up to be a great one for you. For the rest of us, for everyone else who understands the corrosive effect that special interest money has on our democratic institutions, this is our worst nightmare. Our democracy is sick and getting sicker in Wisconsin, and rather than work to revive it, legislative Republicans are set to deliver its death blow. ”


Rep. Gordon Hintz (D-Oshkosh):        

“We are witnessing the corrupt consolidation of power phase. Facing a backlash from normal everyday voters, Wisconsin Republicans are ramming through a bill to effectively allow unlimited dark money to be spent in our elections in an effort to stay in power. The fact that the bill was just introduced and will be voted on this week is another insult to the people of Wisconsin who deserve open and transparent government.”


Rep. Amanda Stuck (D-Appleton):

“This just goes to show Republicans’ true priorities in the State Legislature. Republicans are sitting back and doing nothing to address the issue of transportation funding while projects, like Highway 10-441 in my district, are delayed across the state. Instead they are focused on reducing transparency, oversight and accountability of elected officials and campaigns, while opening the door for corruption and trying to rig the political system in their favor.”


The bills, which were introduced and approved in committee in a matter of days, will be considered on the floor this Tuesday and Wednesday.