Statement from Senator Jon Erpenbach on vote in Senate Health and Human Services

committee affecting biomedical research.

“Today the Republicans on the Senate Health and Human Services Committee voted to ban significant lifesaving biomedical research in Wisconsin. This bill will have a direct impact on patients seeking medical treatment for difficult and desperate diseases. There are nearly 1,600 bioscience companies in Wisconsin, and 36,000 jobs that could be negatively impacted by this bill, a total economic impact of $27 billion.  This bill does nothing but make what is already illegal under federal law, even more illegal.  Unfortunately Republicans went one step further and decided to cripple lifesaving research at our world-renowned Universities and Medical Schools. A closer look at the details shows that Republicans want to put cutting edge researchers in jail for trying to do their jobs saving lives using ethical research.  The sad truth here is that people will die waiting for treatment, people will die because research is delayed, and Wisconsin will lose world-class researchers and research dollars.”