Senator Janis Ringhand Statement on Passage of the State Budget

“It is a shame that the Senate Republicans are selling out Wisconsin to support Governor Walker’s presidential ambitions.

They have already made the largest cuts to public schools in Wisconsin history. Rather than restoring those cuts, Senate Republicans chose to continue wasting millions of dollars on tax breaks for big corporations, special interests and political donors.

There is the $360 million that Wisconsin taxpayers have already sent to Washington that the Senate Republicans refuse to bring back to pay for health care. We have already paid these taxes and that money should come back to Wisconsin.

They have literally kicked the can down the road when it comes to transportation. Delaying I-39/90 is detrimental to job creation, commerce, tourism and public safety in southern Wisconsin.

It was my hope that we would work together to meet the needs of Wisconsin. Instead, Senate Republicans decided to go behind closed doors to make backroom deals to meet the needs of the special interests and donors.

With this budget, the Republicans have fumbled the taxpayer’s money like Brandon Bostick trying to field an onside kick.”