Risser Bills Would End Hunting and Trapping in State Parks

(MADISON)—State Senator Fred Risser (D-Madison) proposed two bills today which would reverse legislation passed in the 2011-2013 session that permitted hunting and trapping in state parks.

Risser’s first bill would prohibit all hunting in state parks. Risser stated, “There ought to be more places in the state where hunting is not permitted under any circumstances. Hunters already have many locations where they are allowed to hunt, but state parks exist for everyone’s enjoyment, from hikers and cross-country skiers to bird-watchers and photographers. People who visit our parks for these activities should not have to worry about being caught in a hunter’s line of fire.”

Risser’s second bill would prohibit the use of steel-jaw and body-gripping traps, as well as snares, in state parks. Said Risser, “These traps are not only inhumane and cause wildlife great suffering, they pose a threat to state park visitors and their dogs.”

“The 2011-2013 Legislature made a grave mistake by granting hunters and trappers such broad access to our state parks. It’s time to make sure everyone who would like to visit our parks feel safe to do so.”

The two bills are being circulated for co-sponsorship.