JFC DEMS: Republicans Make $360 Million Mistake
Governor Walker Presidential Ambition to Blame for Rising Costs for All

Madison – Democratic members of the Joint Committee on Finance once again called on Republicans to accept federal funds in Wisconsin even though that action would buck Governor Walker’s Presidential plans. The Legislative Fiscal Bureau estimated that if Governor Walker and Legislative Republicans accept federal Medicaid Expansion dollars there would be an additional $360 million to invest in K-12 schools, our world-class universities, or our property tax relief.

“Using the same, tired argument, lying to the people of Wisconsin that the money won’t be there, is irresponsible.  This is a missed opportunity, and I’m disappointed that Republicans refuse to take this opportunity to strengthen our economy, create jobs, and provide Wisconsin families the security of affordable health insurance,” said Senator Jon Erpenbach (D-Middleton)

“As Republicans passed a Medicaid budget that increased spending they rejected the federal funding designed to pay for it. Instead Wisconsin taxpayers will pay $360 million more to insure 85,000 fewer people,” said Gordon Hintz (D-Oshkosh).

“Just because Governor Walker has placed his presidential ambitions before the priorities of Wisconsin, doesn’t mean my legislative colleagues should too,” said Sen. Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee). “Given every opportunity to show leadership, in getting Wisconsinites increased access to health care, he has failed miserably.”

“Even the state of Iowa, a place our Governor has become very familiar with in recent days, has accepted federal Medicaid dollars.  It is time for Governor Walker to come home to Wisconsin and bring our Federal dollars to not just cover more people, but to save millions of dollars that can be invested in the people and children and our state,” said Representative Chris Taylor (D-Madison).

Joint Committee on Finance addressed issues of MA and Wisconsin Economic Development Authority (WEDC) in two omnibus motions today. The committee will continue work next week putting their final touches on Governor Walker’s budget.