People’s Business Being Held Hostage by GOP’s Political Ambitions

Session cancelled again in effort to force passage of controversial GAB and Campaign Finance bills

(Madison)—State Senator Dave Hansen (D-Green Bay) said today that the people’s business is being held hostage by Governor Walker and Republican leadership who are trying to pass controversial legislation that would eliminate the Government Accountability Board and make drastic changes to state campaign finance law.  Republican leaders are trying to force moderate Republicans to cave on the controversial bills by cancelling previously scheduled session days until those senators agree to vote for the controversial bills. 


“It seems clear that Republican leadership is telling their members that until they agree to vote in favor of the GAB and campaign finance bills no legislation, however worthy or beneficial to the people, is going to get a vote,” said Hansen.  “It is as cravenly political as the legislation itself.  And moderate Republicans are right to oppose it.”


Today marks the second scheduled session day of the November floor period that has been cancelled at the last minute due to the Senate Republicans being unable to agree on controversial legislation that would further open the doors of the statehouse to political corruption. 


“Neither these controversial bills nor the actions of Republican leadership are about doing the people’s business…It’s all about advancing their own political agenda.  But the work we’re sent here to do for the people should not be put on hold for the sake of the GOP’s self-serving political agenda.


With word coming out that the senate will not be in session on Wednesday and possibly not this week, the opportunity to take up other legislation could have to wait until January.


“In this case, Governor Walker and Republican leaders would do well to listen to the moderate senators.  In fact, they would be doing everyone a favor by scrapping these bills and focusing instead on legislation that will help create good paying jobs, fix our roads, fund our schools and help the 815,000 Wisconsin residents who are struggling under mountains of student loan debt.”