Senator Harris Dodd Introduces Lethal Violence Protective Orders

MADISON- In honor of World Suicide Prevention Day, Senator Nikiya Harris Dodd (D-Milwaukee) is seeking support for a new bill that would help prevent suicides in Wisconsin.   LRB 0886/1 would allow families and friends of loved ones who may commit self-harm to petition a court to help their loved one.

“Sadly, families often see the warning signs of those who could hurt themselves or hurt someone else,” Senator Harris Dodd explained. “However, under Wisconsin law, there is little that families can do to protect their loved ones.”

Nearly half of all individuals who have committed suicide in Wisconsin over the past 10 years have utilized a firearm to do so.  The Lethal Violence Protective Order bill would allow for families who see the warning signs to petition a court for removal of firearms from their loved ones’ possession so that their loved one can receive the right intervention and treatment.

“I encourage everyone to get onto social media today to remember and recognize those who have lost their lives to lethal violence,” Senator Harris Dodd stated. “Using the hashtags #wspd, #suicideprevention or #stoplethalviolence, let’s spread the word that violence in any form needs to stop.”