Legislative Democrats Ask for Increased Funding for Transitional Jobs

MADISON – Senator Nikiya Harris Dodd (D - Milwaukee) and Representative Daniel Riemer (D - Milwaukee) announced today they will introduce legislation to provide additional funding for the Transitional Jobs program and the Transform Milwaukee Jobs program.

Transitional jobs are short term subsidized jobs aimed at getting marginalized workers into the productive workforce. This bill will expand the program to meet existing demand in both Milwaukee and other high needs areas of Wisconsin. In Milwaukee, the Transitional Jobs Collaborative has brought together a diverse set of partners to make the program a success, including the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, Community Advocates, the Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee, MICAH, NAACP, and United Way of Greater Milwaukee, among others.

“Wisconsin’s transitional jobs program is a proven way to create jobs and give workers the skills they need to get back on their feet after being unemployed,” explained Senator Harris Dodd. “This program is a win-win for employers, job seekers, and our state.”

The Transitional Jobs program began as a demonstration project in 2010 and it originally covered much of the state. This proposal mirrors the original funding distribution between the Milwaukee program and efforts in other parts of Wisconsin.  This bill will bring total funding for the Transitional Jobs program to $15 Million/year ($9 Million increase this year and $8 Million next year). 

“The best path out of poverty and into the middle class is through work,” said Representative Riemer. “Strengthening transitional jobs programs in Wisconsin will continue to enable citizens to work, earn wages, and join the middle class.”

Transitional Jobs Program funding has traditionally garnered bi-partisan support in the State Capitol. The deadline for colleagues to co-sponsor the bill is Tuesday, October 20th