Lassa Joins Senate Dems to Introduce “Badger Blueprint”

Legislative agenda features innovative solutions to strengthen middle class 

Madison — Citing the need to strengthen Wisconsin’s struggling middle class, State Senator Julie Lassa (D-Stevens Point) joined fellow Senate Democrats at the State Capitol today to introduce their legislative agenda for the remainder of the current session, called the Badger Blueprint.

Sen. Lassa cited a recent report by the Pew Charitable Trusts showing that Wisconsin’s middle class is shrinking faster than in any other state in the nation.

“At a time when many middle class families are struggling to make ends meet, we need to be looking for ways to help them get ahead,” Sen. Lassa said. “That’s why the Badger Blueprint is focused on providing greater opportunity and economic security for Wisconsin’s hardworking men and women and their families.”

The Badger Blueprint is a package of new and innovative pro-growth solutions designed to expand access to quality education, invest in the state’s infrastructure, and create a stronger economy.  It encompasses proposals to help working families, such as student loan debt relief, more affordable childcare, and greater access to health care.  The plan also aims to improve local economic development efforts by investing in transportation and broadband, closing the skills gap, and ending taxpayer subsidies to companies that outsource jobs.

“Too many Wisconsin families feel that they are working harder than ever, and falling farther behind,” Sen. Lassa said. “It’s time we remember those families and commit ourselves to policies that help people who work hard to get ahead so they can achieve the American Dream.  The Badger Blueprint will help us build that future, one that provides greater opportunity and economic security for all Wisconsin citizens.”

Sen. Lassa, who serves as Democratic Caucus Chair, indicated that the Badger Blueprint is the start of a discussion Senate Democrats want to have on issues that are important to the people of Wisconsin.  A website,, has been established to allow people to review the plan and share their ideas on how to move Wisconsin forward.