GOP renews effort to limit public transparency ahead of Walker announcement

MADISON - After a failed attempt to gut Wisconsin’s open records law last week, legislative Republicans have now set their sights on Wisconsin’s non-partisan government watchdog agency in an effort to prevent investigations into potential ethics and criminal investigations. Senate Democratic Leader Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse) released the following statement in response to these latest attacks:
“Republicans were unsuccessful in their sneak attack on Wisconsin’s open records laws, so naturally their next target is the government watchdog agency that enforces these laws. Other than the possibility that the State Capitol has been overrun by vampires, I don’t know why there is this sudden rush to do business in the dark without any public oversight or transparency.
“What skeletons are Republican leaders trying so desperately to hide that they need to dismantle our state’s long tradition of open, honest and transparent government? With recent pay-to-play corruption, potential criminal activity at Gov. Walker’s WEDC and Republican legislators asking to be thrown in jail, I can’t imagine why the majority party would want to limit public oversight and muzzle our government watchdog groups.”