Madison – “The Government Accountability Board (GAB), age 8, died on November 7, 2015, after a long battle with Republican lawmakers and special interest lobbyists. The Government Accountability Board was born February 2, 2007 to a proud group of legislators focused on a fair and ethical elections process. Wisconsinites were deserving of the impartial, nonpartisan oversight of their elections and will mourn the loss of the GAB.


“The GAB in was created upon the death of the Wisconsin Elections and Ethics Boards, ineffective partisan boards, desperately in need of reform. The Government Accountability Board is now survived by the Elections and Ethics Commissions, a new similarly ineffective, gridlocked, partisan board, reminiscent of the GAB’s predecessor.


“The Government Accountability Board reached national notoriety and accomplished a great deal in its lifetime. The GAB was at the helm of unprecedented recalls and navigated elections in a smooth and effective manner during the constantly changing laws governing it. It will be dearly missed by many.


“In lieu of flowers, please send donations to Wisconsin Club for Growth.”