Democrats support transportation investments

MADISON - As the Republican-controlled State Legislature continues to struggle with Wisconsin’s transportation fund deficit, a growing number of Republican legislators are pushing to repeal or gut Wisconsin’s prevailing wage laws. Business leaders and construction experts have repeatedly stated that repealing prevailing wage would drive down wages for working families and make it easier for out-of-state contractors to undermine Wisconsin’s worker protection laws.

“A strong, safe and reliable transportation infrastructure is critical for boosting economic development and creating good-paying job opportunities in Wisconsin,” said Senate Democratic Leader Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse). “Senate Democrats strongly oppose Republican efforts to repeal prevailing wage, delay needed infrastructure projects and kick the can down the road on transportation funding.”
Shilling noted legislators have several options to generate additional revenue, reduce state borrowing and keep construction projects on track.  While Gov. Walker has threatened to veto potential transportation funding solutions, Democrats have argued the legislature should assert its authority and prevent Gov. Walker’s presidential ambitions from dictating Wisconsin policies.

“Senate Democrats support a transportation budget that invests in our state’s infrastructure, expands transit options and strengthens our commitment to job opportunities for Wisconsin workers,” Shilling added. “If Gov. Walker’s presidential ambitions continue to hold up needed investments in our transportation infrastructure, Democrats stand ready to work across the aisle with members from the majority party to pass a responsible stand-alone transportation budget. Together, we can protect Wisconsin workers and find a long-term transportation funding solution to move our state forward.”