Badger State ranks dead last in Midwest job growth
Wisconsin job creation slowed by absentee Governor and GOP budget deficit

MADISON – According to the latest economic data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Wisconsin continues to trail the nation when it comes to job creation. Under Republican control, Wisconsin ranks dead last in the Midwest for job creation, dead last for new business start-ups and dead last in middle class growth. 

Senate Democratic Leader Jennifer Shilling released the following statement regarding these disappointing results and the economic inaction by majority party leaders:

“The Republican plan to cut more from our local schools, limit access to affordable health care and delay construction projects will only compound Wisconsin’s problems. We need a budget that invests in education, worker training and local infrastructure. Democrats continue to put forward commonsense plans that invest in our state and grow Wisconsin’s middle class. It’s time for legislative Republicans to stop selling out our state to advance Gov. Walker’s presidential ambitions.”