Shilling visits local businesses, attends solar project groundbreaking

HILLSBORO, WI – From listening sessions and community gatherings to local business tours and groundbreakings, Sen. Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse) is getting a firsthand glimpse at the progress being made in communities throughout the Driftless Region. Most recently, she attended the groundbreaking for a local solar project and visited with staff at the METCO headquarters in Hillsboro to learn about their growing success. 

"In every community I visit, I'm amazed at the progress being made to create jobs, support local families and ensure a brighter future for the next generation," said Sen. Shilling. "Major investments in local solar power facilities by Dairyland Power and Richland Electric Cooperatives are helping to expand economic opportunities while reducing our state's carbon footprint. These forward-looking solar projects are welcome news for workers, families and communities throughout our region. As these projects are brought online, we're going to see greater energy independence and more of our dollars being invested here at home rather than sent overseas."

"As a result of recent investments, many local businesses are expanding and starting to capitalize on new opportunities," added Shilling. "I've been following the success of several local businesses like METCO that continue to demonstrate their potential for growth while contributing to our regional economy. Everyone knows that a business is only as good as the people they employ, and METCO is fortunate to have some of the friendliest and most knowledgeable workers around."

In addition to local listening sessions, Sen. Shilling plans to continue meeting with local businesses and community organizations to promote local economic development efforts and expand new opportunities. While advocating for additional investments in infrastructure, Sen. Shilling has also backed legislation to lower student loan debt, make child care more affordable and improve retirement saving options. 

MEDIA NOTE: Click on the links for photos of Sen. Shilling at the solar power groundbreaking (here and here) and METCO office (here and here).