Sen. Shilling urges Governor, lawmakers to restore local veteran grants

Veteran advocates stunned by loss of state grants


LA CROSSE – Thousands of veterans across Wisconsin will be impacted after Gov. Walker’s Department of Veterans Affairs (WDVA) decided to deny grant funding for several counties. The move to deny funding for several County Veteran Service Offices (CVSOs) across the state follows a recent attempt by Republican lawmakers to close local offices and limit access to veteran services and benefits.


“Gov. Walker and Sec. Scocos are doing local veterans a tremendous disservice by denying these grants to communities across our state,” said Senator Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse). “Rather than giving more tax breaks to the wealthy, we need to make sure that veterans who have sacrificed for our country are receiving the services and benefits they’ve earned.”


In the most recent state budget signed into law by Gov. Walker, legislative Republicans instructed the WDVA to limit state grants to CVSOs and reduce funding for local veteran service staff. As a result of this budget change, local CVSOs are now being denied funding that had been budgeted to serve veterans and support assistance programs. According to a recent survey of Wisconsin counties, over fifty percent of the reimbursement requests submitted to the state by CVSOs have been denied by Gov. Walker’s administration.


In light of these budget cuts, several Democratic lawmakers have urged Gov. Walker to re-open the grant application process and restore state funding to local CVSOs.


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