School funding remains below 2010 levels

Republicans continue to prioritize tax breaks for the ultra-wealthy


MADISON, WI – School districts across Wisconsin have seen their funding cut by hundreds of millions of dollars since Gov. Walker and Republican legislators took control in Madison. A new report from the non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau reveals over 75 percent of Wisconsin school districts have seen their state funding cut below 2010 levels with 49 districts losing more than half of their general aid support.


“This report highlights the challenges facing local schools and families as a result of misplaced Republican priorities that favor the wealthy and special interests,” said Senate Democratic Leader Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse). “Republicans have used their power to repeatedly cut school funding in order to shift more state dollars to their special interest allies. It’s time to stop shortchanging our children and start investing in our state’s future.”


These cuts have come at a time when the state is providing millions in new tax breaks for corporations and the wealthy. Recent reports have highlighted Republican tax breaks for companies that have since outsourced Wisconsin jobs as well as new tax breaks that will give 11 millionaires a combined $21 million in tax breaks next year.


“Republican tax breaks for the ultra-wealthy have come at the expense of Wisconsin’s schools and children,” said Senate Democratic Leader Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse). “Millions of taxpayer dollars have gone to subsidize companies that have outsourced Wisconsin jobs while school districts are forced to cut teachers, increase class sizes and rely on referendums to maintain outdated buildings. These latest numbers show just how devastating an impact Republican cuts have had on our local communities.”


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