Hansen Joins Call for Federal Investigation of Mismanagement of King Veterans Home


Madison —Responding to news reports of substandard treatment at King Veterans Home, State Senator Dave Hansen (D-Green Bay) joined calls for a federal investigation of mismanagement and a ban on any future transfers of funds from the King Veterans Home to the Veterans Trust Fund or any other state fund.


“Reading the accounts of the poor quality of care and lack of concern for our veterans at King is sad and infuriating beyond belief,” said Hansen who serves on the Senate Committee on Transportation and Veterans Affairs. “That anyone would be treated in the manner described by residents and family members at King is to violate our most basic values as human beings but to do so to those who risked their lives to protect us is shameful and offensive.”


The in-depth story which appeared in the Capital Times describes a once proud and inviting home for aging veterans in their remaining years that has been betrayed by the Governor and Republican-controlled Legislature who sought to capture and maximize increasing amounts of federal funding as a way to cover up mismanagement of the state Veterans Fund.


“It’s all well and good for them to talk about their plans to construct new buildings, but what is so alarming is the total failure to use our federal tax dollars for the purpose it was intended for: to invest in the staff, technology and expertise needed to provide our heroes with the best residential care possible. Instead they treated the nursing home like a profit center where they appear to have squeezed every dime they could out of the day-to-day operations to shore up the ailing Trust Fund.”


The King Veterans Home currently has a $38.9 million “surplus.” Meanwhile residents, staff and family members have reported severe nursing and staff shortages, broken wheelchairs, urine soaked carpet and have raised the possibility that residents are being overly medicated.


“We have veterans who served in Special Forces saying they were treated like cattle and like children. Such treatment is disrespectful and these claims deserve immediate investigation by no less than the federal government. Until that happens not one dime should be used for any purpose other than fixing the problems at King.”