Statement from Senator Dave Hansen:

More of the same: Tax Breaks for the Top 1%, Cuts in Support for Middle Class Families


“The Governor is delaying $767 million in debt payments into future budgets.  Republicans have slashed more than a billion dollars from our public school since Governor Walker took office and they’ve cut spending on our university and technical colleges systems by another billion dollars. 


“Critical road construction projects and local road repairs are delayed because Republicans are unwilling to adequately fund the transportation budget.  They even refuse to help nearly 1 million residents refinance their student loans at lower rates.


“Their only reason for getting elected seems to be to give more and more of our hard-earned tax dollars to millionaires and billionaires.  Against this backdrop it is no surprise but no less disappointing to learn that the richest 11 residents of Wisconsin, who each make $35 million or more, are receiving a $22 million tax break that averages out to $2 million a year for each of them. 


“These are people who already pay less than their fair share of taxes, yet Wisconsin workers and their families are expected to dutifully hand over their hard-earned tax dollars and watch their quality of life sacrificed on the altar of a failed trickle-down tax scheme run amok.


“Is it any wonder that a majority of Wisconsinites think we are on the wrong track?  This isn’t tax reform.  It’s a travesty.”