Resolution Reaffirming Children’s Outdoor Heritage Passes

Legislators would do well to embrace the resolution’s spirit


(Madison)—The Legislature reaffirmed the right of every Wisconsin child to be able to enjoy Wisconsin’s natural resources and to encourage parents make time to get their children involved in outdoor activities like hunting and fishing, swimming, boating, skiing or hiking.


“This resolution is really about renewing our commitment to protect and preserve our natural resources for our children and grandchildren to enjoy and encouraging kids and their parents to get outdoors and enjoy everything Wisconsin has to offer,” said Senator Dave Hansen (D-Green Bay), coauthor of the resolution.


The resolution calls on members of the Legislature to recognize that every child should have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, and have access to clean water and fresh local food.  The resolution also calls on legislators to recognize and promote the benefits of enjoying outdoor activities for children.


Although the resolution is only advisory Senator Hansen said its timing couldn’t be more important.


“Taking this resolution to heart is important at a time when we are seeing legislative attempts to sell off our public water utilities to out-of-state corporations, give more control over our groundwater supply to corporations that own high capacity wells, and limit public enjoyment of our lakes, rivers and streams,” Hansen said.  “I would hope before we see any effort to move these bills in the Senate our leaders would reflect on this resolution and the negative impact those bills could have on our kids’ ability to enjoy the outdoors and to have safe, clean drinking water.”