Senator Hansen Statement on Redistricting Trial:

Republicans’ efforts to give themselves political tenure should not go unnoticed by the court


“GOP gerrymandering goes on trial today in federal court in a case that almost certainly will be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court.


“The partisan advantage the Republicans gave themselves through the gerrymandering of district election maps is no secret.  Just as it is no secret that Senate Republicans were giddy at the prospect of using Voter ID to deny the elderly, minorities and college students their right to vote in order to suppress the turnout of those who oppose them.


“Today’s trial provides an opportunity for justice to prevail for the hundreds of thousands of voters whose voices have been denied by a Governor and Republican politicians more interested in protecting their own jobs and power than by allowing themselves to be held accountable to the people who pay their salaries.


“The only way to draw fair and competitive maps is for it to be taken out of the hands of self-interested politicians and party bosses.  It is my hope that the federal courts will do what the Legislature has failed to do: pass truly non-partisan redistricting reform.”