For Immediate Release                                                                                 Contact: Sen. Hansen

April 7, 2016                                                                                                               608-266-5670


Statement from Senator Hansen:

Decision to Scrap Public Briefing on Effect of Budget Cuts to Local UW Campuses


“The decision by Ray Cross to cancel the planned public briefing by UW chancellors on the impact of Governor Walker’s cuts at this week’s UW Regents meeting is troubling news for any taxpayer, parent or student who wants to know the true impact of the Governor’s and Republicans’ cuts to their local campuses.


“At a time when most other states are investing in their public universities, Governor Walker and legislative Republicans are dismantling one of the best public university systems in the nation.  UW-Green Bay is already losing some of their best and brightest professors—some of them to area colleges just down the road.  UW-Marinette has seen significant cuts to academic staff and UW-Madison has fallen out of the top ten public universities in the nation.


“Clearly the nearly $800 million in cuts made by Governor Walker and Senate Republicans are having a significant and dangerous impact on our universities, the quality of higher education our students receive, and the skyrocketing increase in student loan debt.


“Rather than hide the impact of these cuts from the public, Ray Cross and the regents should be making every possible effort to inform the public of the true impact of these cuts on college affordability, quality of learning and community and economic development.  Failure to make the public aware of these cuts and their impact is only inviting more and deeper cuts in the next budget.


“The continuing lack of transparency under this administration is deeply troubling.”