Commenting on Equal Pay Day

State Senator Dave Hansen Issued the Following Statement:


 “Women play a critical role in the workplace, in our families and in our society.  Yet there is a continuing disparity that exists in how their efforts and contributions continue to be devalued compared to men by too many employers and the politicians who represent them.


“Wisconsin cannot truly succeed if Wisconsin women are not allowed the freedom to pursue their jobs and careers and be fairly compensated for their efforts the same as men.  Unfortunately, too many politicians either do not understand the issue or do not care to do anything about it.  As a result Wisconsin is losing middle class families at an alarming rate and our economy remains mired in the bottom third of states for job creation.”


“Time and time again those who are working the hardest and struggling the most have seen too many of the politicians in Madison who are supposed to represent them side with the corporate interests instead.  Whether it’s equal pay for women, banning companies that send Wisconsin jobs overseas from getting state tax dollars or increasing the minimum wage, Republicans have consistently chosen to side with the wealthy and corporations over women, working families and the middle class.


“And our families and our economy continue to suffer as a result.”