Another Hit Coming For UW System Students


MADISON – New fee hikes are the latest bad news for UW System Students, according to Senator Janet Bewley (D-Delta), a key supporter of the UW System and member of the Committee on Universities and Technical Colleges.


“It is Governor Scott Walker and Legislative Republicans who slashed the UW System to the lowest level of support in its history and they are responsible for these fee hikes.” 


Bewley noted the challenges UW officials face in making up for the 2015-17 state budget cut of $250 million while maintaining quality at 26 campuses and other UW facilities.   System representatives today said the fee hikes are needed to address fund shortfalls.


“My Republican colleagues have handed out hundreds of millions in tax giveaways that have led our state backward in our economic standing, they have left hundreds of millions that Wisconsin residents have sent to Washington behind and they have run up huge credit card bills with interest for fewer road repairs,” Bewley said.  “If Walker can put $233 million more into unaccountable private voucher schools, why are they pushing more costs for our state’s universities onto the backs of students and their families?”


Bewley supports the UW request for an additional $400 per student in financial aid resources to help offset the damage from the last two state budgets.  Bewley called on the Governor and members of the budget-writing Joint Finance Committee to commit to the request, especially in light of new fee increases resulting from the cuts they had imposed.