April 29, 2021 - Senator Chris Kapenga delivers the weekly Republican radio address concerning the 2021-23 Wisconsin State Budget.





Hey Wisconsin, it’s Senator Chris Kapenga from Delafield.

I know budget talk isn’t the topic of choice for many people. But, the newly proposed state budget is chock-full of big spending that will only lead to buyer's remorse.

Most of us have to be thoughtful about how we spend, and so should government. But the current administration wants to over spend by nearly $1.7 billion dollars in the next two years.

Now, the Republican Legislature is going to budget like normal people do. We first want to do what government is supposed to do well; and then, don’t spend on unnecessary items. By taking this approach, the bottom line is, we feel you will get a responsible budget that avoids overspending—which might not be the most exciting thing to talk about today, and it might not even make news headlines, but two years from now, it sure will sound better than the woeful tales of buyer’s remorse!