For Immediate Release:

October 28, 2021


Senator Chris Kapenga delivers the weekly Republican radio address concerning a new investigation of the November 2020 election.




Hey Wisconsin, it’s Senator Chris Kapenga from Delafield.

This week the nonpartisan Legislative Audit Bureau released its audit of the November 2020 election—and it raised significant concerns. The Wisconsin Elections Commission, responsible for properly administering our state elections, was incompetent in maintaining voter registration records, they acted contrary to the letter and spirit of the law by barring special voting deputies from nursing homes, and they failed our election clerks. This is not acceptable and changes need to be made.

In addition, the city of Madison refused to provide the auditors with the information they requested. Because of this, Senate leadership has authorized an investigation to access this information so the auditors can complete their work.

The people of Wisconsin should expect that the officials administering our elections are competent, nonpartisan, and trustworthy. Our goal is to restore election integrity so voters know that their vote counts.