Tragic Events in Afghanistan


Just how quickly things went from badly handled to completely tragic in Afghanistan is devastating to see. There were zero combat casualties for our military service members from February 2020 until last week. Now we have 13 dead and hundreds wounded from ISIS-K attacks. There are also untold numbers of Afghans who have lost their lives.

This never should have happened, and the responsibility for these events lies squarely on the shoulders of President Biden.

Late last week, I had the opportunity to speak with Chris Salcedo from Newsmax following President Biden's remarks about the fiasco that transpired—and continues to transpire—in Afghanistan.


I also joined my colleagues in sending a letter to the President demanding two things: First, assurance that trapped American citizens are provided safe passage to Kabul Airport and flown out of the country. And, second, that all the Afghan men and women who have served alongside our military are also provided passage—no matter how long it takes.

The eyes of the world will continue to watch these sad events unfold. My heart goes out to the families who have lost loved ones. I’m praying for the families, for the safety of our troops still on the ground, and for the safe removal of American citizens and Afghans who were promised passage out of Afghanistan.