For Immediate Release:

August 6, 2021


Healthcare Heroes – Lead the Way!


Madison, WI – State Senator Chris Kapenga (R-Delafield) issued the following statement regarding vaccine mandates.


“Over the past week, I have had many conversations with healthcare workers who are opposed to vaccine mandates being implemented by some healthcare systems in Wisconsin.  Once they were hailed as heroes; but now, those who refuse to get the Covid-19 vaccine might very well find themselves fired from their jobs!

“I want to encourage the groups that are forming to stick to your principles and don’t give in! Based on what I am seeing, it will be impossible for the hospital systems to function without you. You are still our heroes even though the executives have made the choice to turn their backs on you. Lead the way in this pandemic. Many companies are watching this battle to see how it plays out. If you stand up for your protection now, others who are considering implementing the vaccination mandate will back off, and you will once again be leading in the protection of our health. 

“To those executives who are bowing to the woke culture being pushed by the left, don’t underestimate the large number of people who see what you are doing and don’t appreciate it.  Do the right thing by ending these mandates and protect our heroes.”