For Immediate Release

February 24, 2022                      


Say ‘Yes’ to that Job Offer!


[Madison, WI] — Senate President Chris Kapenga (R - Delafield) released the following statement after both houses of the legislature passed AB 936 focusing on getting people who can work connected with a job:


“A good government welfare program is one that leads to its own elimination. That’s how we know it’s successful. Yet, today’s government programs strengthen the power of those in government at the cost of an individual being held in the grasp of government. 

"My bill will help more people move out of poverty by ensuring people accept an offer of employment. The value of an individual only increases with work experience, and this bill will help many people in their efforts to succeed. 

“I hope Governor Evers will sign this bill into law, and be part of a solution that helps to address the workforce shortage issue and improve the trajectory of peoples’ lives.”