For Immediate Release:

August 10, 2021


Governor Evers Is a Barrier to Secure Elections


Madison, WI – State Senator Chris Kapenga (R-Delafield) issued the following statement regarding Governor Evers’ veto of election integrity bills that restore trust in Wisconsin elections.

“The Governor just turned his back on important election integrity bills that, had he signed, would have gone a long way to prove to the people of Wisconsin that protecting the integrity of our elections matters more than appeasing progressive Madison and Milwaukee special interest groups.

“Tell us, Governor, why are you OK with Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, giving private money to influence elections in Wisconsin? Why are you fighting against voter ID when an ID is needed to see a doctor, fly on a plane, to even get a library card? And, why are you willing to tolerate the possibility for our election laws to be loosely interpreted or manipulated by refusing to tighten up loopholes?

“The legislature did its part. Now, the Governor owes the people of Wisconsin an explanation for his unwillingness to step up and do his part to make our elections accurate, transparent, and secure.”