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Senator Kapenga’s Letter to Speaker on Impeachment

October 4, 2023

Senator Kapenga’s Letter to Speaker on Impeachment
[Madison, WI] — Senate President Chris Kapenga (R - Delafield) released the following statement after sending a letter today to Speaker Vos requesting the state Assembly consider the impeachment of the state’s former Elections Commission administrator, Meagan Wolfe, who is refusing to vacate her office after being fired by the Senate:

“It is unprecedented for an appointee in the state of Wisconsin to refuse to obey the Senate through its advice and consent powers.

“The head election official is a position that is required to be non-partisan in nature. Independence and neutrality are necessary to ensure every Wisconsin voter has confidence in the execution of elections, yet this position has become one of the most politically divisive in this state.

“The problem has been even more exaggerated by a combative executive branch. This includes an overreaching Attorney General filing a lawsuit on behalf of the former head of elections attempting to subvert the will of the Legislature through a court system which is now run by a hyperpolitical Supreme Court. How can we expect impartiality to come from justices who have now broken their own rules and the law out of politically motivated intent? We are on the verge of a constitutional crisis.

“Never before have we seen the extent of these unprecedented, politically motivated actions. This requires us, as the Legislature, to ensure we use every tool provided in the constitution to protect the people’s voice. Impeachment is not taken lightly, but when we have lost trust in justice to be impartially carried out at all levels, it is time to act and put this embarrassment behind us. It is time to restore confidence not just in our elections process but in the rule of law.”