What will it take to get Republican leaders to intervene While the scandal surrounding Lincoln Hills continues to unfold, Senate Republicans are refusing to investigate the serious allegations that have been raised at the juvenile facility.
Wisconsin eligible for $1 billion in taxpayer savings The new estimates are welcome news for supporters of the proposed BadgerCare expansion who argue the savings are needed to restore recent school and infrastructure funding cuts.
Students encouraged to apply for 2016 Senate Scholar Program The Senate Scholar Program is a week-long educational program offered by the Wisconsin State Senate that provides high school students with a hands-on, up-close view of the Legislature’s role in our democracy.
Republican WEDC illegally gave out $21 million in taxpayer dollars A new investigative report by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel revealed that the troubled agency exceeded its authority and improperly awarded more than $21 million in taxpayer funding to businesses and Gov. Walker campaign contributors.
Senator Shilling Tours Viroqua Food Co-op After 20 years of success, the member-owned Viroqua Food Co-op is once again looking to grow and expand their local operation.
Holiday Mail for Heroes Continuing a bipartisan tradition, Senator Jennifer Shilling has joined legislative colleagues to support this program and write notes of support to Wisconsin military families.
Shilling, Billings call for rail safety improvements Rail safety improvements are needed to prevent train derailments and protect local communities from potentially catastrophic accidents.
Layoffs mount as GOP attacks government accountability Wisconsin residents will have less access to information about who is influencing campaigns under a new bill being rushed through by legislative Republicans.
Senate Republicans Unwilling to Lead To avoid costly project delays and widespread construction layoffs, Democratic legislators stepped up and successfully approved additional funding to minimize road and bridge project delays.
Sen. Shilling column - Open, clean government is good for everyone in Wisconsin Throughout Wisconsin’s history, both Democrats and Republicans have supported laws to protect citizen access, prevent political corruption and maintain high ethical standards. Unfortunately, this historical bipartisan agreement is nearing an end.
Shilling announces local staff office hours These office hours offer local residents an opportunity to meet with Sen. Shilling's staff, share their thoughts on state issues and request assistance with state agencies.
Layoffs skyrocket while Republicans attack open government Mass layoffs in Wisconsin have increased dramatically in 2015 leaving thousands of Wisconsin workers unemployed and looking for work.
Gov. Walker signs bill limiting John Doe investigations Bill makes it harder to investigate and prosecute political corruption.
Corruption has a new ally Sen. Shilling released the following statement after legislative Republicans passed Senate Bill 43 to prevent John Doe investigations into political crimes.
GOP Pushes Bills to Hide Political Corruption and Allow More Money in Politics One well-respected government watchdog organization called these Republican bills a "massive, coordinated blitzkrieg on democracy and transparency."
Sen. Shilling column - Senate Democrats’ Badger Blueprint Focuses on Growth, Innovation and Opportunity From Bayfield to Beloit, Milwaukee to La Crosse and the hundreds of communities in between – one message has been consistent: Wisconsinites want their elected officials to work together, be problem solvers and put an end to the politics of resentment.
Democrats drive effort on student loan debt relief The Higher Ed, Lower Debt Bill would allow individuals to refinance their student loans at lower interest rates similar to options currently available for auto loans and home mortgages.
Legislative Republicans propose dismantling of Accountability Board The Republican proposal would make it more difficult to investigate elected officials accused of state ethics and campaign violations.
Badger Blueprint lays out legislative priorities After listening to local residents, Senate Democrats unveiled their Badger Blueprint agenda today that includes a wide range of new ideas and proven solutions to generate economic opportunities in Wisconsin.
Shilling Calls for Special Session on Transportation Funding Amid growing concerns about project delays, layoffs and safety issues, Sen. Shilling sent a letter to Gov. Walker urging him to call the Legislature into special session.
Republicans propose return to Political Patronage Rather than looking for ways to tear down Wisconsin workers, we should be focused on strengthening our middle class, boosting family wages and ensuring greater retirement security.
Weekly Democratic radio address - Protect Access to Birth Control In the weekly Democratic Radio Address, Sen. Shilling urged legislators to protect access to birth control and focus efforts this fall on restoring school funding, reducing student loan debt and increasing retirement security.
Republicans fail to learn from Gov. Walker’s mistakes Undeterred by Gov. Walker’s presidential collapse, legislative Republicans in Wisconsin continued their efforts to defund community health centers, restrict access to birth control and prohibit lifesaving medical research.
Wisconsin schools remain resilient In his State of Education Address, Supt. Evers highlighted the resiliency of Wisconsin’s public schools and their success in the face of political adversity.
Protect Wisconsin students - Pass voucher school accountability According to a FOX6 report, the Daughters of the Father Christian Academy closed less than two weeks into the school year leaving dozens of families scrambling to find a new school for their children.
Sen. Shilling announces release of 2015-16 State Blue Books The Blue Book is the most current and complete resource for information about Wisconsin government, elected and appointed state leaders, and statewide statistical data.
GOP shuns accountability, opts for further voucher expansion Just days after a new report detailed the drastic increase in state spending on Gov. Walker’s unaccountable private school voucher program, legislative Republicans are poised to further expand the entitlement program and increase taxpayer costs.
1.1 Billion and Counting According to a newly-released budget analysis, spending on Wisconsin’s taxpayer-subsidized voucher school program is now expected to exceed $1.1 billion since Gov. Walker and Legislative Republicans took power in 2011.
Sen. Shilling column - Some Food for Thought ​With the ringing of school bells and the roar of high school football games, students across Wisconsin are heading back to class. But in many classrooms, the start of school is also marked by the rumbling of empty stomachs.
Sen. Shilling statement on Gov. Walker's proposal to restrict health care access Rather than undoing the progress that’s been made, we need to keep moving forward and find bipartisan solutions that expand access to affordable health care coverage for hardworking Wisconsin families.
UW-L drives local economic development Construction of UW-L's $82 million Science Lab project is estimated to generate over $157 million in economic activity and create roughly 1,400 jobs.
Senate Democrats unveil new legislative website Wisconsin residents will now have an easier time finding information on state legislative activity thanks to the Senate Democrats' newly unveiled website.
Walker jobs agency in disarray After months of troubling news stories, questions about improper use of taxpayer dollars and failed performance audits, the Associated Press has declared that Gov. Scott Walker’s WEDC is in disarray.
Sen. Shilling column - Leverage investments to spur job growth By working together to strengthen our schools, expand access to health care and invest in modern infrastructure, we can grow Wisconsin’s middle class and create thousands of good-paying jobs.
Sen. Shilling statement on budget signing Rather than selling out Wisconsin to advance Gov. Walker’s presidential ambitions, we need to focus on ways to boost family wages and strengthen the middle class.
GOP renews effort to limit public transparency ahead of Walker announcement Republicans were unsuccessful in their sneak attack on Wisconsin’s open records laws, so naturally their next target is the government watchdog agency that enforces these laws.
Sen. Shilling statement on budget debate It's time to put Wisconsin families first, restore the cuts to our schools and invest in the future of our state. - Sen. Shilling
Legislative Republicans deal one-two punch to Wisconsin communities Republicans have announced nearly $500 million in cuts from needed road and bridge projects while more than half of all school districts receive notice of additional cuts in the upcoming school year.
School advocates rally to restore K-12 funding cuts Supporters noted that schools are facing increasing challenges as a result of the historic cuts to education enacted by legislative Republicans and the drain on education funding caused by the expansion of private voucher school subsidies.
Sen. Shilling statement on marriage equality ruling Our communities are strengthened when committed couples and loving families share equal rights under the law. Today’s decision confirms what many in our state have known for years: Love is Love.
Sen. Shilling statement on King v. Burwell decision As a result of this ruling, tens of thousands of Wisconsinites will continue to have the security of access to affordable health care.
Republicans mulling repeal of Family Medical Leave Act Amid growing speculation about backroom deals between a fractured majority party and powerful special interests, reports have emerged regarding potential changes to Wisconsin’s Family Medical Leave Act.
Republicans pass dangerous abortion ban The proposal, Senate Bill 179, would prevent health professionals from delivering the highest standard of medical care to victims of rape and incest and women experiencing rare or unexpected pregnancy complications.
Sen. Shilling column - Celebrate June Dairy Month This month is a time for us to recognize the hardworking dairy producers, milk processors and local farm families that make Wisconsin America’s Dairy State.
Republican plan cuts $250 million from UW schools to fund special interest earmarks As a result, local campuses have announced they will be forced to eliminate hundreds of jobs, raise fees on students and reduce course options.
Shilling grabs national attention as one of the 40 Most Interesting Women in Politics The list of women included notable leaders such as U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Senior White House Advisor Valerie Jarrett and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.
Democrats propose student loan debt relief The Higher Ed, Lower Debt legislation being introduced by Sen. Dave Hansen (D-Green Bay) and Rep. Cory Mason (D-Racine) would allow individuals to refinance their student loans similar to options currently available for auto loans and home mortgages.
Shilling announces staff office hours These office hours offer local residents an opportunity to meet with Sen. Shilling's staff, share their thoughts on the state budget and request assistance with state agencies.
Sen. Shilling column - After years of cuts, schools deserve a raise Let’s not settle for the broken status quo. Let’s invest in our state and make our schools a shining beacon of opportunity for Wisconsin’s children once again.
GOP says 'NO' to student loan debt relief Student loan debt has topped $1 trillion nationally and has surpassed credit card debt in America. As a result of sky-high interest rates, many college graduates are finding it increasingly difficult to buy a car, purchase a home and start a family.
Shilling statement on 20 week abortion ban We need to protect a woman’s freedom to make decisions about her health care and prevent further political intrusion into personal decisions that are best left to a woman, her doctor, her family and her faith.
Despite growing national economy, Wisconsin budget crisis looms due to GOP policies The LFB announced today that they are not projecting any additional budget revenue due to the disappointing economic outlook in Wisconsin. Given the robust national economic growth, Wisconsin was expected to exceed previous economic benchmarks.
GOP cuts recycling while boosting Walker’s office pay Legislative Republicans eliminated $4 million in state funding for local recycling programs today while voting to give Gov. Walker’s office a 5% pay bump ahead of his expected presidential campaign.
Republicans reject funding for Wisconsin’s Cancer Reporting System In an unexpected move on Tuesday, Republicans on the Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee voted to reject a motion to shore up Wisconsin’s Cancer Reporting System and improve cancer research efforts.
Democrats denounce Gov. Walker’s subsidies to corporations that outsource jobs A company that received $370,000 in taxpayer subsidies from Gov. Walker’s Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation plans to cut 93 positions and outsource Wisconsin jobs to Tijuana, Mexico.
GOP giving up on voucher school accountability According to media sources, Republican leaders plan to move forward with Gov. Walker’s voucher expansion without addressing the need for more taxpayer accountability protections.
Republicans reject oversight of Gov. Walker’s campaign travel The decision by Republicans to block this proposal and continue subsidizing the Governor’s campaign junkets comes less than a week after imposing a travel reimbursement limit for military veterans.
Shilling supports move to preserve Kickapoo Valley Reserve The current administrative structure of the Kickapoo Valley Reserve and Kickapoo Reserve Management Board would remain unchanged under a bipartisan plan supported by Sen. Jennifer Shilling and approved by the Joint Finance Committee.
Dems push veteran services as a budget priority As Republicans reduce veteran benefits to balance their $2.2 billion budget deficit, Democrats have argued for pro-growth initiatives to preserve economic opportunities and access to health care for returning veterans.
Rural broadband expansion plan rejected by GOP Democrats proposed doubling the funding available for the Broadband Expansion Grant program in order to increase high-speed internet access, support business growth and create local jobs throughout the state.
Democrats author Equal Pay Enforcement bill to close pay discrimination gap The bill would reinstate commonsense legal protections for victims of workplace discrimination and help deter pay discrimination.
Sen. Shilling column - Budgets are about priorities If legislative Republicans can afford to subsidize Gov. Walker’s international campaign trips with taxpayer funding, then surely we can find a way to protect our schools, working families and local communities from another round of devastating cuts.
Wisconsin plummets again in jobs ranking Lagging economy and stagnant wages drop Wisconsin seven spots in national ranking.
Shilling announces local budget listening sessions Sen. Shilling plans to hold several budget listening sessions and is encouraging local residents to attend and share their thoughts.
Shilling statement on Senate Bill 44 For months, and in some cases years, Republican Senators have said they didn’t want to take up this bill. They called it a distraction. They said it would be bad for business and they knew it would be bad for working families in Wisconsin.
Overwhelming opposition to GOP legislation Thousands of Wisconsin workers and business owners expressed their united opposition to a Senate Republican proposal that would lower worker wages, decrease workplace safety and cut funding from high-demand worker training programs.
Amid budget backlash GOP seeks distraction After being on the receiving end of widespread budget blowback, Senate Republicans are poised to dig a deeper budget hole by fast-tracking legislation to lower worker wages and cut funding from high-demand worker training programs.
Shilling launches petition drive to Save SeniorCare Democrats are continuing to pressure Republican legislators to save SeniorCare and block Gov. Walker’s proposed $15 million cut to the popular prescription drug program.
Cost savings grow for Democratic plan to strengthen BadgerCare Updated estimates from Wisconsin’s non-partisan budget office show that state taxpayers could save $345 million in the 2015-17 state budget, $30 million more than initially projected.
Democrats propose retirement security legislation, vow to fight cuts to SeniorCare Wisconsin workers would have additional retirement saving options under a new plan being put forward by state Democrats as part of their Wisconsin Families First agenda.
Statement on Gov. Walker's budget proposal Senate Democrats are committed to putting Wisconsin families first and moving forward with a pro-growth agenda that strengthens our schools, invests in our infrastructure and boosts our local communities.
Sen. Shilling announces district office opening Senator Jennifer Shilling will be hosting an open house event on Friday, January 30th for her new district office.
Sen. Jennifer Shilling recognized as a Friend of Family Farmers Citing her strong support of farmers and rural residents, the Wisconsin Farmers Union presented Senator Jennifer Shilling with their 2015 Friend of the Family Farmer Award.
Wisconsin budget crisis triggers Repair Bill requirement The $283 million deficit projection is more than three times the amount required by state law to trigger action by Gov. Walker’s office and the introduction of a budget repair bill.
Ousting Chief Justice Abrahamson top priority for state GOP Non-partisan government watchdog organizations have strongly opposed this political power grab and the effect it will have on an already deeply-divided Supreme Court.
Sen. Shilling column - Investing in Wisconsin Families In Wisconsin, we know that our state does better when we all do better. Together, let’s find common ground and work to move our state onward, upward, and forward.
Success of Democratic worker training bill highlighted by Gov. Walker Thanks to legislation authored by Sen. Jennifer Shilling and Rep. Katrina Shankland, the state's Division of Vocational Rehabilitation no longer has a waiting list for people with disabilities seeking worker training assistance.
Sen. Shilling reaction to Gov. Walker's State of the State address Rather than becoming distracted by Washington politics, we need to focus on the important issues facing Wisconsin families
Democrats push bipartisan accountability bill for taxpayer-funded voucher program Senate Democrats unveiled legislation that would provide greater oversight, transparency and accountability for Gov. Walker’s private school voucher program.
Shilling welcomes incoming Senators Senate Democratic Leader Jennifer Shilling welcomed new and returning members to the legislature today at the inauguration ceremony for the 102nd Session of the State Legislature in Madison.