Democrats Work to Make the Most Out of Republicans’ Missed Opportunities

MADISON – With the Republican-led State Senate adjourning for the 2021-22 legislative session, Sen. Jeff Smith (D-Brunswick) made one last attempt to pass Governor Evers’ surplus plan.

The governor announced his plan after the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau released data indicating Wisconsin has a record-high revenue surplus. The governor’s plan invests the state’s revenue surplus to give a $150 refund to all Wisconsin residents, provide $131.8 million in targeted tax relief to families and caregivers and invest nearly $750 million in Wisconsin schools.

Governor Evers called a special session to pass the surplus plan, but the Senate President gaveled in and out within seconds, providing no opportunity for legislators to debate. During the floor period, Sen. Smith brought forth the governor’s plan to give legislators another chance to pass it, but Republicans rejected the motion.

Sen. Smith shared the following statement in response to today’s senate floor period:

“Wisconsinites expect their elected officials to deliver results for our communities—Democrats have worked hard to do that, crafting a plan to put more money in people’s pockets, bolster our workforce and invest in our kid’s future. Republicans disappointed Wisconsinites once again by rejecting this plan twice today.

“On the same day Democrats are working to send the surplus back to Wisconsinites, Republicans passed a bill that will raise property taxes as much as $577 million. It’s a shame to jack up property taxes and say ‘no’ to getting our money back.

“It takes a lot of nerve for the Majority Party to adjourn for the year in March when there’s still unfinished business. Thanks to Governor Evers and Democrats, Wisconsin has made significant strides to move our communities forward from the pandemic—but the work is far from over. I remain committed to this work ahead to ensure we’re building a strong and resilient state that works for all Wisconsinites.”