Sen. Smith Reacts to Wisconsin Supreme Court Redistricting Decision

MADISON – Sen. Jeff Smith (D-Brunswick) released the following statement in response to the Wisconsin State Supreme Court’s redistricting decision approving Governor Evers’ maps:

“No matter how the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled, it was hardly going to be in citizens’ best interests—and it won’t be until we have a non-partisan redistricting process.

“Since the Republican Majority secured their decade-long gerrymander, the will of the people has dissipated. Their voices silenced, their advocacy ignored, their needs not met by state legislators. As a result, Wisconsinites have grown deeply indifferent and disengaged.

“The Supreme Court ruling does little to change Wisconsinites’ attitudes as it does little to reverse the minimal changes to Republicans’ gerrymander.

“There is some hope in today’s Supreme Court decision, but we are still a long way from a victory. Like the advocates who inspire me, I’m sure as hell going to keep on working for a brighter, fairer future.”