Sen. Smith Condemns Republicans’ Passage of Gerrymandered Maps

MADISON – Today Republicans’ legislative and congressional redistricting plans, Senate Bills 621 and 622, were passed on a party-line vote. Sen. Jeff Smith (D – Brunswick) voted “no” on Senate Bills 621 and 622.

Sen. Smith released the following statement in response to today’s session:

“This was a historic day for Wisconsin: Republicans locked in partisan control with their gerrymandered maps for another decade. Wisconsinites’ voices will remain silenced by the same politicians who corrupted the redistricting process. Despite Republicans’ bad actions, I have a clear conscience because I voted to protect our democracy and to do what’s right for future generations.

“I ran for office to listen to the constituents I was elected to serve—the same can’t be said about the gerrymandered GOP. They manipulated Wisconsin’s maps in 2011 and have hid behind them ever since. I am proud of what I do and the principles I stand for, and that includes fighting for fair maps for voters.

“Governor Evers is listening to the majority of Wisconsinites who want fair maps and I’m relieved to know he will put a stop to Republicans’ gerrymander 2.0.”