Sen. Smith Responds to GOP’s Ongoing Accusations
of Voter Fraud during 2020 Election

MADISON – Sen. Jeff Smith (D – Brunswick), ranking member of the Senate Committee on Elections, Election Reform and Ethics, released the following statement in response to the recent voter fraud allegations made by the Racine County Sheriff and calls by Republican lawmakers for the nonpartisan Wisconsin Election Commission Administrator, Meagan Wolfe, to resign:  

“The 2020 election was conducted freely, fairly and safely. The decisions made by the Wisconsin Elections Commission prior to the election were part of an open, public process. Meagan Wolfe has proven to be an exemplary public servant, offering to be a resource to lawmakers and providing support to Wisconsin’s election officials before, during and after Election Day.

“It’s exasperating to know that Republican politicians are still using Wisconsin’s election officials as scapegoats because their candidate lost. Republicans are using these false claims about the 2020 election as a disingenuous motive to improve public policy; in reality, these claims are purely political to rile up their base.

“There is an incredible amount of misinformation out there surrounding the 2020 election. Lawmakers have an obligation to put an end to these lies and tell their constituents the truth. It is both immoral and dangerous for Republican lawmakers to continue to let these lies go uncorrected.”

Facts about the 2020 election process can be found on the Wisconsin Elections Commission website here.