Sen. Smith Statement Regarding Budget Vote 

MADISON, WI – Today, the Senate passed the 2019-21 biennial state budget (Assembly Bill 56). The budget bill passed 17-16, with two Republicans Senators voting with Democrats against the bill.

Senator Jeff Smith (D-Brunswick) released the following statement regarding his vote:

“The Republican budget didn’t reflect what voters were hoping for last fall when they elected Governor Tony Evers. At every turn, Republicans rejected the needs of the people. From Medicaid expansion to special education to fixing our crumbling roads, the Republicans’ budget is a disappointment.

“I still don’t know what the hell the Republicans were thinking when they voted against Medicaid expansion. We are paying more money to send our money to other states. Republicans owe the people an explanation – it’s immoral, illogical and fiscally irresponsible.

“The only silver lining in this process was the bipartisan teamwork to advance the UW-Eau Claire Science and Health Sciences building project. It would’ve been constructive to see this local bipartisan teamwork applied throughout the budget process so Wisconsin could’ve expanded Medicaid, fixed the failed education funding formula and solved the transportation funding crisis together. Our local collaborative efforts to fund the UW-Eau Claire science hall should be a blueprint for how we can work together moving forward.”

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