Sen. Smith Introduces Bill to Limit Corporate Election Spending

MADISON – Today, Sen. Jeff Smith (D – Brunswick) introduced the “Ready to Amend Act” to limit corporate spending in local, state and federal elections. Citizens are frustrated with the American political system, which has become dominated by corporate spending and undisclosed dark money, as a result of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Citizen United v. FEC. The “Ready to Amend Act” would create an advisory referendum calling for a constitutional amendment to limit election spending by corporate entities.

Sen. Smith released the following statement in response:

“Over the last decade, citizens’ voices have become drowned out by unlimited corporate spending in our elections. We must pass the “Ready to Amend Act” to restore transparency in our elections and ensure citizens are fairly represented in our political system.

“Wisconsinites have long called for improved government accountability since the Republican Majority gutted campaign finance laws and passed gerrymandered maps. Passing the “Ready to Amend Act” is a necessary step to strengthen the integrity of our elections and establish a nonpartisan redistricting process in Wisconsin.”