GOP Begins Manipulating Redistricting Process Despite Public Call for Fair Maps
Sen. Smith’s Statement on Bill to Delay Local Redistricting

MADISONToday, Sen. Jeff Smith (D – Brunswick) voted against legislation that would delay the redistricting process in Wisconsin. Sen. Smith released the following statement in response:

“Wisconsinites should be deeply concerned that Republicans are once again hiding their intentions from the public while trying to manipulate the redistricting process. Residents overwhelmingly support a non-partisan redistricting process – one that ensures Republicans can’t sign secrecy oaths and pay high-priced, private attorneys to manipulate our maps like they did a decade ago. To know Republicans are deliberately ignoring the public’s concerns and repeating these same mistakes is outrageous.

“This bill shows the importance of nonpartisan redistricting reform in Wisconsin. Legislators have a responsibility to restore trust and confidence in our democracy. Only fair maps can make that happen.”