Sen. Smith Renews Commitment to UW-EC Science Hall Project after JFC Action on Capital Budget 

MADISON - On the same day the Legislative Fiscal Bureau announced Wisconsin is expected to have $4.4 billion in unexpected revenue growth, Republican members on the Joint Committee on Finance cut $800 million from Governor Tony Evers’ capital budget proposal. This decision drastically limits funding available for UW System building projects, including phase two of the UW-Eau Claire Science and Health Sciences building.

“With the unprecedented amount of funding available, Republicans have no excuse to deny these project investments,” said Sen. Jeff Smith (D – Brunswick). “It’s unfortunate that local Republican lawmakers weren’t willing to advance funding for the UW-Eau Claire Science and Health Sciences building knowing the opportunities it presents for our area. I remain committed to this project and other critical initiatives that will help in our post-pandemic recovery and guarantee Wisconsin’s success for decades to come.”