Sen. Smith Condemns Passage of Republicans’ Voter Suppression Bills

MADISON – Today Senate Republicans joined a coordinated national effort to suppress voting and carry on the Big Lie by passing Senate Bills 203 and 212.

Sen. Jeff Smith (D – Brunswick), ranking member of the Senate Committee of Elections, Election Process Reform and Ethics, released the following statement in staunch opposition to Senate Bills 203 and 212:

“The voter suppression bills passed today are anti-democratic to their core. Republicans are dangerously perpetuating Donald Trump’s “Big Lie” and doing the bidding of out-of-state dark money from Republican operatives. They’re treading a dangerous line here which threatens to increase skepticism of our election process and incite more violence similar to what the country saw on January 6th

“To be clear: our elections were conducted freely, fairly and safely. We should be listening to Wisconsin voters, increasing access to the polls and protecting everyone’s constitutional right to vote.”

These bills have widespread opposition from local clerks, good government watchdog organizations and statewide aging and disability rights advocacy groups. Senate Bill 203 creates burdensome obstacles for elderly individuals and voters with disabilities who vote by absentee ballot. Senate Bill 212 prohibits clerks from assisting voters who need to correct errors on election forms and creates new criminal penalties for election officials.