Sen. Smith: Statement on Derek Chauvin Trial Verdict

MADISON – Sen. Jeff Smith (D – Brunswick) released the following statement in response to the Derek Chauvin trial verdict:

“Americans will continue to mourn George Floyd’s death. The verdict provides some justice for the Floyd family, but doesn’t do anything to bring him back. His life was taken far too soon in a horrific act of violence, which will be seared into our memories and serve as a constant reminder of our country’s racist systems.

“George Floyd’s murder sparked a realization for many Americans that the Black community has experienced for generations: racial prejudice and injustice is still prevalent in America. Last summer, Americans of all backgrounds came together to denounce this murder and the systems of oppression that have impacted communities of color since our country’s founding. Americans became more aware that this violence was not unique to Minneapolis or this time in history. The collective outcries heard and echoed across the world became a catalyst appealing for change.

“This verdict offers a glimpse of justice. Now we continue the work so that we may visualize a just, equitable country. It’s our responsibility to call out inequality when we see it and empower the voices of others. We must continue advocating for justice reform and holding individuals accountable who fail in their oaths to protect their community.

“This is a pivotal time in our country’s history. It’s on us to follow through and advance social and racial equality.”