Wisconsin Needs a Plan that Puts the People First
Sen. Smith’s Statement regarding Assembly Bill 2

MADISON – Today the Wisconsin State Senate passed Assembly Bill 2, which federalizes Wisconsin’s tax code for COVID-19 tax deductions. AB 2 provides tax relief for businesses that accepted pandemic assistance through the Paycheck Protection Program and individuals who claim the Earned Income Tax Credit. Senate Democrats introduced amendments to provide greater relief to Wisconsin’s small businesses and individuals who claimed unemployment assistance; these amendments were voted down by the Republican Majority.

Senator Jeff Smith (D – Brunswick) voted in favor of Assembly Bill 2 to help Wisconsin businesses impacted by the pandemic and released the following statement after the Senate vote:

“More tax breaks for wealthy corporations won’t fix the damage caused by COVID-19. That’s why I supported an amendment to cap the deduction. The fact is that over half of the money for this deduction goes to businesses that made over $250,000 in profits last year. We should be focused on business that struggled, not profited during this pandemic.

“Wisconsinites have gone too long without responsible leaders taking the pandemic and our economic recovery seriously. Wisconsinites have waited too long for real relief and a recovery plan. Republicans have mastered the practice of exaggerating the little they’ve done during this pandemic while thinking they’ve accomplished something.

“While rejecting assistance for small businesses and working families, Republicans continue pushing partisan proposals to tie the hands of local health officials and prolong the COVID crisis. Republicans voted to needlessly interfere with Wisconsin’s vaccine distribution, even though Wisconsin has one of the highest distribution rates in the country. They also voted to prematurely force state employees to work in-person and prohibit businesses from making the vaccine decisions to protect their employees and customers. These public health decisions should be left up to health experts, not politicians.

“My Democratic colleagues and I will continue offering constructive plans to move Wisconsin forward from this global pandemic. We need a comprehensive plan that puts the People of Wisconsin first.”